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Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda – the gems of East Africa falling in the African Great Lakes region are abundantly bestowed with nature’s bounties, making them a tourist favourite especially among wildlife enthusiasts. The spectacular landscapes, adventurous safaris, indigenous arts and authentic cuisines in these countries ensure there is something for everyone. From a rib-tickling drive through Masai Mara and the enchanting plains of Serengeti to the cool beaches of Zanzibar and the dreamy sunset over Mount Kilimanjaro, East Africa provides a truly wondrous escape.

Special Places to Visit: The Top rated touristic spots of Kenya and Tanzania are nairobi the capital of kenya , Maasai mara and amboseli national park for the wild life experience in Kenya, the big five safari game of kilimanjaro,ngorongoro and serengeti national park are also must visit in tanzania

Best Time to Visit:  June till October is the best time to visit tanzania to explore the migration of wildebeest .

Dress, Precautions and others: Dont carry too much cash in pocket while travelling,Dont wear jewelery, dont walk to local night clubs without a local guide,always carry a copy of the passport.
Language: Swahili is the official and widely spoken language .
Food: The Most traditional food of Kenya and Tanzania is a mix and diverse combination of tribes areas, the most common food you sample are Ugali served with rice and meat, Sukuma Wiki cooked with collard greens,Nyama Choma roasted meat in kenyan tribal style etc..
Culture: Both Kenya and Tanzania living along the bordering countries share somehow same culture with slight variation , the majority of kenyans belong to bantu tribes and tanzanians a mix culture of wel defined 120 ethnic tribes groups.

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