Bahrain, a relatively small island nation in the Gulf region, receives about four million tourists a year. The country is known for its beautiful islands, recreational waterfront developments, archaic museums, shopping malls and mosques. Beit Al Quran, located in the capital Manama, is noted for its characteristic architecture and a formidable collection of Islamic manuscripts. Another prominent attraction is Qal’at al Bahrain also known as Bahrain Fort, a world heritage site and and erstwhile capital of Dilmun civilization.

Oman is a lesser-known gem in the Middle East with spectacular trails for off-roading, fascinating diving spots filled with corals and fish, stunning wadis or valleys with crystal clear water, turtle reserves and a beautiful coastline.

Kuwait has luxurious malls, traditional souks, history museums and beachfront areas for a relaxed holiday in the Gulf.

Qatar, a cultural storehouse featuring Islamic art museums, traditional markets and world-class amenities, offers visa free arrival for 80 nationalities.

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