Australia & New Zealand

Australia, The largest country in Oceania, has a megadiverse landscape and a highly urbanized and fun-loving population. Be it island hopping, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, surfing in Gold Coast, discovering the secrets of the Aboriginal tribes, trekking in tropical rainforests, making friends with kangaroos, enjoying world-class cuisine or spending an evening at the Sydney Opera House, Australia guarantees a holiday experience that is hard to forget. Coastal cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne attract hundreds of tourists every year. Visitors throng to the Australian Outback, Ayers Rock and the Tasmanian Wilderness to experience life on the other side.

New Zealand - If you are looking for a "clean, green" nature getaway, New Zealand is your best bet. Once judged the world's top travel destination, Milford Sound, a fjord in New Zealand's South Island exemplifies the spectacular scenic beauty of this country. Tongariro Alpine Crossing which passes over an active volcano is amazing for hiking and day trips. The country also fulfills your quest for adventure with activities like bungee jumping and whale watching. Abel Tasman National Park is another popular attraction with great scope for birdwatching and wildlife spotting. 

The islands that make up the South Pacific like Australia and New Zealand are dreamlike destinations, thanks to their pristine beaches and medley of mountains, reefs, deserts, and forests, with abundant wildlife. Ideal for adventure lovers, explore endless options from bungee jumping in New Zealand to world-class surfing in Australia. There’s an unforgettable experience calling your name around every corner of these landscapes. Experience these wild places up close with our tour packages and get to know the native people that call them home. A night spent sharing food and song with a close-knit community will soon make you realize that for every modern advantage in life there is often a trade-off in lost skills, knowledge, and kinship. Whether you’re kayaking and hiking along New Zealand's western coast, encountering the fascinating endemic species of Australia's Kangaroo Island, or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef hospitality and hearty laughter is the local currency of the Pacific, so make like the locals and greet everyone with a nod or a smile in the street.

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