Europe & UK

The European continent has always been a major draw for luxury travellers and backpackers alike with its unbeatable charm, iconic architecture, historic locales, cultural gems, enlightening museums, world-renowned cuisines and enthralling scenery. The easy-to-use public transport system and well-established tourism sectors make travel through Europe convenient and safe. From the picturesque London Bridge and the romantic Eiffel Tower to the awe-inspiring Roman Colosseum and dreamy Greek islands, the continent offers so much to explore that people go back again and again only to discover something new every time. Europe also offers immense opportunity for shopping and entertainment that it is literally a traveller’s paradise. With Euro as the currency in most countries and the Schengen states having eliminated border controls, cross-country journeys are a piece of cake in Europe.

Europe is a continent that contains the westernmost part of Eurasia. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world including the famous cities of Paris, Barcelona, London, Rome, Venice, and Prague. 

One of the most developed countries of the world, the United Kingdom comprises of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Being the first country to be industrialized, they were the most powerful in the 19th and 20th centuries, colonizing many countries and dominating world economy and politics. With pronounced seasons ranging from snowy winters to warm summers, the country delights visitors all through. With historic monuments, heritage sites, distinguished culture, global cuisine, picturesque countryside vistas and breath-taking natural beauty, the UK has remained a favourite destination for many seasoned travellers. Be it cruising along the Thames or getting right to the London Eye, the country offers so much to blow your mind away.


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